5 Ideas To Promote Your Podcast or Brand on Facebook Live

#1. Promotion:

We all make content, but it is only valuable if people know about it. Live streaming is a great way for you to expand upon topics in your most recent podcast episode or maybe you had a guest that said something that struck a chord with you. Do you have an interview or special show planned in the future? Get people excited about it and don’t forget to ask them to share

#2. Teach:

Sharing what you know in live video has so many benefits. Teach your process or teach about the tool you use to write show notes or show how you edit your podcast or do a gear review. Teaching will build trust and you will instantly be looked at as an expert and be associated with what you are teaching, so use it to your advantage of what you want to be known for and teach away.

#3. Question & Answer Sessions:

I love Q&A Sessions. Send out requests for questions via email or on social and let them know every Wednesday at 7 pm EST you will be doing a live Q& A. You can either take questions live or work off the list depending on your comfort level. #AskMikeAnything

#4. Behind The Scenes:

One of my favorite things to watch and it hooks me every time. Show your desk setup (clean it first) or your podcast equipment or if you are making a video, show the camera and light setups. People love to see how people do things almost more than what. Live streaming is perfect for walk-throughs and behind the scenes coverage.

#5. Daily Vlog Style:

This is not for everyone, but maybe you are on a weight loss or fitness journey and you live stream your weigh ins or you live stream you making a green juice. Live streaming gives you the opportunity to tell your story and let people see the real side of you.


Tip 1:

Before you live stream anything, have a general game plan and maybe a few bullet points. Don’t just wing it and ramble. Have a purpose or reason for making people tune in to watch you. Keep it casual and natural, but be intentional.

Tip 2:

While live streaming, ask viewers to ‘Follow’ so they get updated of future videos.

Tip 3:

Turn phone on Airplane or learn the hard way like me and have a telemarketer from Google call in the middle to tell me “Our records indicate that your Google listing is out of date….”

Tip 4:

Gear: I have been doing Facebook live with these items:

Rode Smart Lav+ Microphone ($79)

Rode SC1 Extension Cable ($20)

Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod ($25)

MeFoto Sidekick 360 iPhone Tripod adapter ($30)