Tools of The Trade

Running an online business is hard. There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle. I like puzzles and figuring out the best tools to get stuff done. My criteria are usually nice design, easy to use and affordable. I pay for quality, but I like free or cheap best. This page is a list of everything I use (some more than others). It’s always changing.

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WordPress & Web Tools


BlueHost is web host of all of my websites. I know there are many to choose from, but I have been happy with Blue Host from the start. Their customer service is responsive and friendly and my website is always up and you can get started for $3.95 a month to host multiple websites. What more can you ask. Happy with BlueHost and I recommend them.


$.99* .COM Domain! Get going with GoDaddy!

GoDaddy. I own a lot of domains. I buy them all from GoDaddy.
Tip: Get the free Chrome extension Honey to check for discounts at checkout (it works).

Elegant Themes


Elegant Themes is the best. One price for unlimited themes with no limit to the number of websites you make. This site is made with Extra Theme, but is on Divi 3.0, which is the flagship theme. Extra is more magazine style, which I wanted for Podcaster Toolkit.



Freshbooks is the easiest way to invoice and manage your expenses and track your time. Make getting paid easy, use Freshbooks. It’s going to cost you $25/month which is tough at first, but it’s so worth it to not have to stress about sending invoices. I’m a fan.

Design & Graphics


Where I buy icons, illustrations, patterns, textures, web elements, product mockups…

Fonts & Lettering

Great resource for hipster and hand-drawn and brush fonts and slab-serifs.


I don’t buy a lot of stock photos from Creative Market, but when you need that unique photo that isn’t on all the free sites, Creative Market has a great selection at very affordable prices

Online Education


Camtasia is my screencasting tool of choice. This is my primary tool for making tutorials. The new Camtasia 3.0 is all fancy and slick and really makes screencasting simple. I’m a fan.

Creative Live BusinessLearn from incredible instructors who are at the top of their game. Creative Live only gets the best and each class is filled with actionable items.


Screenflow is the screencasting tool I used for a long time. It works great, but I find the interface a little confusing and not as fun to use as Camtasia. I still use it for some purpose and it has some features I like better than Camtasia, but it’s now my #2 screencast tool.


Lynda has been my #1 girl for almost 10 years. I owe most of my tech & design learning to Lynda. When you are serious about learning, Lynda is the place. College level learning. The best. Really.

Creative Live

Creative Liveis up there with Lynda for online education for me. Awesome classes and instructors. The Alex Blumberg Podcast Class was surprisingly great for me as I am not a storyteller, but I picked up a lot from this class. If it’s on Creative Live, it’s good. Simple.


Udemy Generic 300x250

Udemyhas a ton of great classes, but in all honesty, I use it for my courses to earn revenue. There is opportunity to make a good living on Udemy selling courses and it also has tons of classes.

Big Resource List

Buy Scrivener 2 for Mac OS X (Regular Licence)

Productivity Tools

1Password: Password manager. Would be locked out of everything without it. Game-changer.
Asana: Another great project management tool.
Backblaze: The best cloud backup solution I have used. Unlimited backups $5/month!
Baron Fig: Notebooks that make me feel creative and smart.
Buffer: I think I’m in love with Buffer.
ByWord: Great markup writing tool.
Calendly: Very cool scheduling tool. Integrates with Google Calendar.
Dropbox: No explanation needed. A must-have
Evernote: Oh how I try to love you. We’re making headway.
Google Apps For Business: If you do one thing for your business, install Google Apps. Make & share lists with the world.
Medium: Write & publish articles. Love Medium.
Scrivener: Trying to make this my default writer.
Slack: Communication tool. Eliminate emails.
Trello: My favorite organizer. Trello keeps track of everything.
Workflowy: So awesome! Forget to use it, but love for long lists!

Podcast Hosting

Simplecast: Where I work and host my podcast.
Libsyn: My original podcast host.
BluBrry: I used PowerPress WordPress Plugin to generate RSS Feed when I started.
Soundcloud: I like Soundcloud, but do not recommend you host your podcast with them.
Spreaker: Spreaker is a one stop shop for podcasters and I really like their whole vibe. I want to be more active with Spreaker as I really like everything they have going on.
PodBean:The pricing is good and people generally have good things to say about Podbean.

Gear Vendors Much of my gear is available in my affiliate store on Amazon.
B&H Photo: Simply the best place for photo & video gear.
ZenPro Audio: Amazing Customer Service
Sweetwater: Amazing Customer Service


Fiverr : Like Fiverr a lot for little jobs.
People Per Hour:

Online Education Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks
CreativeLive: A staple in my world
KelbyOne: I owe a lot of my design & photoshop skills to Scott Kelby. The cream of the crop for online education.
Skillshare: One of my new favorites for tutorials. Massive library of courses

Audio & Video (Editing)

Adobe Audition: The best audio editor. Period.
Adobe Premiere Pro
: The tool I use to edit video.
Audacity: In the browser editor. Looks ugly, but works.
Auphonic: A bit of magic. Upload a file and it spits out a really good quality file. Impressive.
Camtasia: Very similar to Screenflow. Better annotations.
Descript: Transcription and more.
GarageBand: Oldie but goodie for making music and editing audio.
Hindenberg Pro: Online Editor that is very popularReaper
Pro Tools
Screenflow: Powerful, easy-to-use screen recording and editing software for Mac. Good for proofing with clients One of the best video resources around for tools and learning video.

Podcast Directories

iTunes: The big kahuna
Google Play
Stitcher – Popular, but I think the quality of audio is not very good
Tune In
Product Hunt


Bluehost (Hosting): The best hosting company with equally as good customer service.
Divi Theme by Elegant Themes:  Words cannot say enough about how great this theme framework is.
Extra Theme by Elegant Themes:  This site is built on Extra. I rather like it :D.


FreshBooks: Beautiful Invoicing & so much more.
Xero: Love Xero. They make accounting fun.

Email Newsletters

MailChimp: My preferred email service for newsletters, etc.