Planning & Pre-Production

1.What is your show about?

Do you have a theme or topic? What should I expect when I listen to your show? It is great to have a niche or specialty topic, but don’t stress if you are not 100% sure. Just start. This is your show. Do not feel pressured to fit yourself into a box if you are just not clear what to do. You will learn. Listen to yourself and trust your gut. The pressure you feel from entrepreneur experts to niche down is good advice, but don’t get hung up on what the experts say.  In order to move forward you must start. Developing your voice is a process that comes with experience and practice. Keep creating and pay attention to what people are responding to. Another good way to find your niche is to ask people what they are struggling with. Answer there questions and before you know it, you are an authority. You have to crawl before you can walk. #moveforward

2. What value will you be delivering to your listeners? 

Tips & Tricks? Humor? Wisdom? Always be thinking about your listeners. What’s in it for them. After listening to this show, you will____________________.

3. What is the Format?
One Man Band on the Mic, Skype Interviews, Pre-recorded interviews, Co-Hosts, Live Video Streaming?

4. What is the Frequency?
Daily, Twice A Week, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly? Be Consistent.

5. How long is your show?
10 Minutes, 18 Minutes (sweet spot), 30 Minutes, 1 Hour +? Be Consistent.

6. Who is your audience?

This is a big deal, but it’s okay if your audience is friends and family to start. That was the case with me. Don’t stress about that. Pretend at first that you are speaking to someone you think will benefit from your show and talk to them directly. A good tip from a seasoned podcaster said he speaks into the mic as if he is talking to one person one on one and this makes the listener think he is speaking to them directly. Podcasts are intimate as most people listen with their headphones while walking or jogging or at the gym or listening by themselves in the car. Make it personal by having a conversation with your listeners.